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Top Class PLA Coffee Cup wholesaler with AYCLife

The AYCLife Company is one of the key Biodegradable Coffee Cup Manufacturers implementing several bio techniques in the field of next level coffee cup design. The company is famous for its intense dinnerware in the PLA Coffee Cup wholesaler field, with several coffee cups options that can be easily disposed in the environment. You can [...]

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About PLA (polylactic acid) tableware

Advantages of pla products: (1) Environmentally-friendly, energy saving, carbon emission, high plasticity, in-irritative. (2)Recyclable, reusable and renewable, easily processed and shaped. (2) Non-toxic high (low) temperature resistance, microwavable. (3) Energy saving during processing. (5)A sustainable replacement for petroleum-based plastics.Usage of pla products: (1) Washing with cleaning sponge. (2)Use for cold and hot drinks: temperature resistance [...]

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